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About Us

Oak Leaf Road Produce sells farm fresh, locally grown produce and flowers. There is a roadside stand which is stocked Monday thru Saturday with fresh produce and occasionally flowers. On Fridays, there is a stand at 131 County Road 40 near Charleston lake and on Saturdays, I can be found at the Brockville Farmers’ Market. Each week, there are many flower arrangements and an abundance of latest produce available.

Oak Leaf Road Produce started in 2019 as a small garden with a couple rows of glad’s, carrots, beats, onions and a few tomato and cucumber plants. My dad and I built a roadside stand and I set out with only a few products and small quantities of them. The following year, I got a business grant from the government and I expanded my business. This year will be my 3rd year running my market garden and I could not be more excited!



About the Owner

Hi! I am Alison! Since I was a little girl, I have always loved helping my mum and my grandma in the garden. A funny story is that I once planted 6 tomato plants that were still in the package in the ground together. My family says I will never let that one down. My planting skills have very much improved since then. I love shopping for plants and seeds especially in the winter when there is not much green around. If I am not in my garden I can be found with my animals and spending time with my family. I will be honest and say that I do have an amazing support system of my mom, dad, grandma and many others who help me out lots!


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Best little roadside stand, great service too!

Your flowers are gorgeous!

The corn we had for supper was delicious Alison!